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Oncology Consultations

We offer a full range of medical oncology consulting services designed to help cancer patients to live a life of hope. Our resident radiation oncologist will review your medical records then advice the best form of treatment for you.

Day Chemotherapy Infusions

Our day treatment clinics provide infusion therapy services for intravenous medication in a warm, caring environment. The treatment will include one or more chemotherapy drugs.

Targeted Cancer Therapies

We offer targeted cancer therapy designed to block the growth and spread of cancer by preventing cancer cells from growing and dividing, destroying them directly or helping other therapies, such as chemotherapy, work better.

Nutrition, Diet & Counseling

We offer nutrition therapy to help cancer patients keep up their body weight and strength, keep body tissue healthy, and fight infections. Good nutrition help patients deal with the effects of cancer treatment.

Blood Transfusions

We offer blood transfusion to relieve the symptoms of anaemia that can be as a result of cancer and cancer treatments. Low blood cell counts can be a serious complication during cancer treatment. Our doctors will closely track your blood cell counts.

Laboratory Services

Laboratory tests are an important element of quality cancer care and for the convenience of our patients. Our on-site laboratory services and testing is a key component of the detection, diagnosis and treatment of cancer.


Our in-house pharmacy provides prescription, dispensing and counselling to help you manage your cancer medication and general health care needs.

Radiotherapy for Keloid

We also offer radiotherapy as an option for treatment keloids that cannot be surgically removed. It is an effective treatment method for the prevention of keloid recurrence without serious adverse effects.